Day: 3 Oct 2013

After 7 years…

I finally have enough to get those

I saw them first in 2006 here on dA and I wanted to get them so bad!
Whenever I had side money to buy stuff, there were other things I needed t get and it’s never easy to buy a +$300 worth of tools in one go. Yeah, I could’ve bought them separately but somehow I didn’t do that either, and it’s not like it’s cheaper that way on the long run.
Thankfully, to god for his blessings, to all of you who bought stuff from me and of course to for their amazing service and constant support for indie creators, I have better income this year than the last. I have a bit of stability and I was able update my tools (digital and traditional) these past 2 months (and one left this month hopefully), without any help from my father, who has always been supportive; financially and emotionally.
I hope they all come as good investments in the end.

So, it all sounds romantic right now, but I had my share of problems with this purchase though XD (customs, shipping, WRONG packaging after opening at customs for inspections coz you know I usually trade guns and pot and kidneys, ruined the storage box) so I ended up not feeling that good yesterday when I got them, and just for the sake of trying them I picked my sketchbook and colored the first pic I saw lined and asking to be colored.
I might’ve messed up Black’s skin tone because I didn’t try any of the markers beforehand. I just dived in and colored lol.

But, I look at them and smile now. So it’s all good haha

Let’s hope I’d have more colorful pics from here on coz I have to use all these colors now, not only the grey ones XD
Moral of the journal: Dream big and have patience! oh, and don’t do drugs… since I mentioned it.

Thanks for reading!


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