Day: 11 Feb 2015

Work/Website Update

Hello everyone!

I’ve just tweeked the front page for a bit. Chapter 30, which is currently updating (and will end in March 28th), will conclude the 2nd arc of the story. 

For the new readers, Chapter 15’s link to the post that says there is no ch15 yet, is fixed now. Sorry it went missing with the move to the new  host.

Speaking of which, I hope you’re all finding the new website lighter and faster, with almost no down time. Let me know if you find any problem here or there. Once I have some free time, I’ll put the Black and White bobbleheads emojis back. Thanks for your understanding.

On another news, on Feb 7th, I finished the first chapter in the new arc and new volume. A lot of things are unique about this book and I’m happy to say that my friend who is always up to date with whatever I finish, told me it’s refreshing, and has a different air to it. Many of you picked that up too from the few WIP shots I posted, asking if it’s a new project.

Another thing is that I finished this chapter traditionally.

I plan to do the whole book traditionally, for a change. 1101 pages digitally made are enough experimenting in the medium. There are some factors that might effect this decision in the future and make me shift back to digital, but so far, I have paper, ink and enthusiasm enough to start the next traditionally too.

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