Day: 10 Dec 2015

You don’t like romance in general?

Yeah, I’m more into platonic relationships. Friendship, family, teacher-student, etc. 
There are some romantic ships that I’ve liked and they’re either cute puppy loves that the innocence and cuteness touched me, or ones where the two lovers meet under circumstances that are beyond time and space.
Usually preteens and teens.


Anohana’s Jintan and Menma for example?
Meruem and Kumogi from Hunter x Hunter
And as for grown ups, I like subtle/silent romances… Mushishi’s Ginko and Tanyu comes to mind. Or many TV shows, that are usually crime/police shows which make you ship a ship so hard to get one scene or one look, pat on the shoulder, hug when the writers feel generous, that make you die from feelings. Most of the time you can’t even call it romance, but the feeling is there, in the eyes…

woah, I’m getting sappy lol

Really though, nothing moves me as strongly as friendships, when they’re written well.

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