Day: 9 Apr 2016

MEFCC 2016 art and on-event doodles

I’ll be at MEFCC in Dubai 13 days from now.

If you want to get any of Grey is… books, stationary and merchandise, I’ll be at table 106 in the Artist Alley, all three days of the convention. 

This drawing started as something else in my head but they choose to be silly at the beach instead. Sometimes, these two are up to no good when they’re all smiling wide like that. Yes, even White.
After all, they’re not in their home country so…
wonder what’s there on the screen.
Sale on Artbook and a small free gift for the next 10 buyers! Visit table 106 in the artist alley 👋🏼 #Greyis_Halcyon
“Be right back” sign. White is being cooperative in acting silly for a change.

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