Day: 1 Nov 2016

Did you imagine reaching this level?

The other day, it felt surreal when I was panelling a page how so much easier it is to work as a visual storyteller now. I still struggle with so much and I aim to be more skilled in the areas I feel weak at, but to answer this question I have to say that, though surreal and sometimes unbelievable to me, I did expect to come so far.
That only comes from my belief in the human spirit and the lengths one can reach with a strong will and stubbornness.

So Thanks a lot! It’s encouraging to know you think so, whoever you are, because it would’ve been disappointing if nobody agrees with me but mum lol

PS: i dont think its amazing high level personally. Just good enough. Sort of. Maybe.

Volume 6 progress

Okay, so

Grey is… volume 6:

  • 9 chapters. I finished 5, working on ch44 now.
  • 5 chapters are 180pages so, it’s probably the biggest book.
  • Main cast: Black, White, Yaldar and Waseem
  • Recurring cast: Jad, Irina, Mamsar, Ty and twins; Stash and Sims
  • Guests: Janet (Ty’s waifu), Ritta, Inad, Jandar, 3 Point Square band, Joseph?, Danial Grey.
  • Honorable Mentions: White’s mother, Alee, Celine? and…………. Black’s daddy? Maybe? Could be? I wonder? I’m kidding?
  • Unnamed cast: mysterious toddler girl carried by Inad.
  • No release date yet.

I don’t do this usually coz, I like to play the surprise element. But the book’s events are surprising enough I believe. Also, I thought this could excite some readers and be a good enough teaser.

I mean, who’s Alee?!

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