Day: 29 Aug 2018

About the Light Mates

This weekend’s Clipping is a narrative poem about light mates. A story that I’ve wrote multiple times in my lifetime using different analogies and different figures.

After eight years of writing a story about two platonic soul mates, the narrative was completed in my head and I was able to write and illustrate the poem.

I was feeling proud and accomplished with every new picture. For a fleeting second I felt “this might be what I do best. Analogies and illustrated poems.” but then I realized that I wouldn’t have been able to write a simple idea without the 8 years of daily writing/drawing Grey is.

It felt a bit like how sayings which are short but describe a large state of being/living are born through the mouths of the elderly. 

I’m no wise elder and I know this feeling of “this is the best thing I’ve ever created” will fade to black and be replaced with another in the future. But still, there was a lesson to be learned in between these thoughts for me.

I can’t wait to share this one with you all. Have this drawing as another teaser. 

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