Day: 6 Dec 2018

About Grey is… Clippings

This all started as a way to [1] dump all the side comic strips I stacked over the years in one place through a user-friendly kind of experience. [2] I wanted to red-draw some of my old strips that I felt had good ideas/jokes but in a style I don’t draw in anymore. [3] One top of that, I wanted to get better at coloring; experimenting, play around with looks in hopes that I’ll find some love for colored illustrations and maybe find a style for myself in coloring.

I didn’t meet the last 2 expectations, but [4] I’m learning a lot and at least, enjoying that.

It was something that I just started for fun, then [5] turned into a way, (marketing tool?) to bring more people to the main story. This was achieved as well to a certain extent. 

[6] It was fulfilling to find so many people interacting and loving the story. Getting messages like “this is a positive way to start my morning” and “this makes me feel so good” and lots of readers relating to the friendship and sharing their own special relationship, next to the more avid readers who moved to read Grey is… or are already reading and motivating others to check the more in-depth story, is such a rewarding feeling.

[7] At last, the finance aspect. Thankfully I have good traffic with every update which allowed me to monetize the story and get creator credit the last 3 months, which next to my patreon, is really appreciated.

So what started as a fun way to recycle my old art and learn something new, is now something bigger.

I just felt like sharing some of my thoughts on this. I wanted to make a video about it, but I have too many videos pending from my last trip to Japan that I’m afraid Final Cut Pro will crash every time I work on one if I add yet another project.

If you’re on Webtoon, or interested in seeing new and old comics in color, I’ll truly appreciate it if

you subscribe to Grey is… and Grey is… Clippings

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