Black and White and dating profiles

Random thinking: Black and White filling each other’s online profiles on a dating app

Black on White’s: Thoughtful Caring Good hands Unique thinker Intelligent Hot Tall Into coffee one of a kind columnist Real good cook

White on Black’s: You don’t wanna.

Black at White after seeing his profile: Goes either “you’re the worst best friend ever! With a shove and frantically deleting White’s profile before him seeing it”, or “oh haha! You sure dont want me out there dating” with a smirk and showing off his work on White’s profile” reaction depends on Black’s age at the time. Black gets more of a tease with time lol

White seeing Black’s profile: Speechless then snickering “you… know nobody would wanna date such a full of himself dude” Black “I wrote its his best friend writing” White rolls eyes “the profile will get messages alright but with different content than you think”

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