Chapter 46

I’ve just finished ch46! this means only one more chapter to finish the volume. There is the cover and much needed extras to draw too, but as far as the story chapters, chapter 47 is the last in volume 6 🤗 and this is making me super excited. October 2011 was when I wrote the idea for this chapter, unknowing which chapter number it’ll end up be. We’ve been walking towards this plot point for the past 5 years and it just feels surreal that I’m finally here. I found an old chat with a friend back when I was working on volume 2. I was telling her that I’d finished working on ch13 but being me, I typo’d and wrote ch31. The conversation that followed was how amazing it would be to reach that number of chapters, thirty one, and if people would still be reading and many other wishful dreams. It was heartwarming to read this chat. I am at ch47 and I smile. I also jokingly jolted down “I wonder if I’ll reach 74 and what the story would be like by then.” On a piece of paper and put it back in the box. Dreams are the journey not the destination indeed. Stop putting time worrying about every detail of creating and start creating, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

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