Characters fighting over green

Ameer has all the power over me. There is simply nothing he asks for that I can’t accept.
(Considering his fate in the story.)

4 thoughts on “Characters fighting over green

  1. xDDDDDDDDD You being so tired picking the colours xD Iconic. Oh dee xD Your exhausted expression xD
    (And Jad sensing that he dies)

    1. I don’t know what you chose for the Jad and Inad in the end…but I was thinking myself: that I see Inad as purple. I thought he should have a bold colour that has some red in it to match that bold and boisterous side of him…but there’s more to him than that. A serious, even mysterious side. One that has regrets and pains. So mix some blue into that red and you get purple.
      As for Jad, a gold that has some brown mixed in. Gold for the patient love in his heart, brown for his past. He’s a dulled gold that is being polished. And the shine comes out with friction and through his efforts (like how you need elbow grease to polish precious metal)

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