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General Questions

What is “Grey is…” ?

“Grey is…” is a web manga written and illustrated by deeJuusan. The series tells the story of Black and White who have been together since they were 8 years old, going through daily life events and struggles together, rarely apart.

Is it BL/Yaoi?

When will it be posted on the internet?
Chapter 000 (Pilot) Release date is: November 30th, 2010.
Chapter 001’s first page will be posted in the group on January 13th, 2011.

Will it be updated regularly? By pages or Chapters?
Updates by Pages will be submitted on the following dates of each month at Grey-is;
1st, 3rd, 7th, 9th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 23rd, 27th, 30th
Updates by Chapters (on flash file containing all the pages) in my main dA gallery will be submitted when the whole chapter was submitted in the group.

How many chapters is the plan?
After writing the whole plot and divided it to chapters and chapter summaries; the plan for it is to be around 103 (plus/minus) chapters.

Any plans to print it?
Right now; it’s not on my plan, but it is on a later stage.

Are fanarts allowed?
Yes of course ;A; Thank you <3


Who are Black and White?
They are best friends and companions. I can’t really label them; coz they share rather a very close relationship. Something like what Aristotle said; “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
Note: Black is the white colored guy and White is the black colored one.

How old are they?
22 years old.

What are their jobs?
Black works as a fashion designer. White…. is a NEET. (you’ll know more in the manga)

Why is Black always injured?
He gets into lots of fights and has some anger management issues that leaves him breaking, throwing and fisting stuff. Details about this and more will be revealed in the manga.

Pitch & Pure-related

Who are Pitch and Pure?
Pitch is a white bunny and Pure is a black wolf who are on a quest to show the world that Pure can be a good wolf who can befriends bunnies, sheep, red-hooded girls? lol

They look like Black and White, are Pitch and Pure the same as Black and White? Are they related?
Think of it as an alternate-universe; Fairy-tale universe maybe?
Pitch is not Black and Pure is not White. They just look like them.Think Clamp lol
Pitch and Pure are not related to the main story what-so-ever, they have their own little story, that’s meant for cuteness sake ^^

Are they in love?
Indeed they are.

So, is this BL?
Honestly; it’s not my plan.
Pitch is genderless, so you can think whatever you like.
Their love is the cutest form of love in my head(kinda like puppy love) , it’s so strong and both think its to-die-for; just like in fairy-tales (>.>)
Pitch is quite the lover as you can see from all the pics; hearts are always floating around him <3

When will their story be released?
I plan to attach short comic strips at the end of every/every-other “Grey is…” chapter.


What do you use to make the manga?
I sketch the pages traditionally (A4 Printing Paper, 0.7 mechanical pencil with blue leads). Then I line and tone using Photoshop CS5.

What are the size and the resolution of a page?
Size: 2480×3178
Resolution: 300 dpi

First I use fox-orian‘s Brush set for lining (Drawing/Sketching set – the first 3px brush) fox-orian.deviantart.com/art/I…
All BGs (Exterior, Interiors) are drawn, 3D modeled using Google SKetchup (Only the basic shapes and all details are added manually in Photoshop) or traced using a photo taken (all by me).
Fonts are found at www.dafont.com (All are free for use)
Tones and Hatching: Some are drawn by hand, some can be found here at dA: Manga-Apps

You’re not Japanese; why are your comics from right to left?
I’m from Jordan and I plan to sell the manga here in my country in Arabic (my native language) which is written from right to left. Sorry for the confusion this might cause some.

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