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So, I’d like to ask those who buy stuff online something. When you browse something online, do you prefer seeing the actual price of the item or is it better to see the total with the shipping the handling all together.

You see, in my Grey is… online store, I calculated the shipping and put the prices with the shipping included and add the “Free Shipping” sign. I decided that coz as a person who lives in the middle east with all items bought are either from the US or Japan; I always hold my breath before clicking I check out in fear of the shipping price coz sometimes the shipping itself can cause more than the item itself. So I found that it’s easier for me to see one (even if it was big) price knowing there is nothing more to pay but that.

But, that’s only my opinion.
And I thought I’d ask for yours, maybe I’m seeing it the wrong way.

Also, I’m trying to save for some new merchandise with new artworks and all, so I’d like to know what items would you be interested in most.

Thank you everyone~ I appreciate the feedback <3

[Update, Aug 19th]

Thank you so much for all the responses. It helped me make up my mind.
I will keep things the way they are but add a note that shipping is included in the price given.

Now, bit of a nerdy explanation for those who like to know more about how I  put up with the prices, considering, as some of you pointed out, shipping rates differ from a place to another and from one-item order to multiple ones.
(if you’re happy with the way things are and hate reading much, you can just skip it XD have a lovey day <3)

I need to clear a thing first.  All prices in the store are in USD which isn’t the currency I use in my country; Jordanian Dinar.
1USD makes  a 0.7 JD
It depends on the weight of the item shipped, but in general, all shipments that are going to the Americas or Australia and the far east cost around half a JD more than shipments going to Europe or  Africa.
If I was to use EMS or some fancy shipping method (courier), it will differ greatly, but since I’m using Registered Air Mail, there isn’t much difference in shipping rates.

As for multiple orders;
When somebody buys 2 books, obviously, the weight increases so does the shipping price. And, I use different packaging than the one I use for a one book order. Shipping fee is a small percentage from the overall price so I’m not making much profit (needless to say that I rarely get multiple book orders since I only have one book so far in the store)

Regarding other items besides books, for example, buttons. I sell the button for $2 which is obviously doesn’t include the shipping or the envelope price. And just because it’s a button, doesn’t mean the shipping fee is low. It’s light, alright, but there is a fee for sending it as a registered mail which costs around 1.75JD (≈$2.50) to the US , for example.

In all honesty, I only add the shipping fees to books and Posters (A3 size and bigger coz it needs a tube) coz those weigh more and the more orders you make of them, the more weight , packaging and shipping fee will be. (btw, packaging isn’t provided by the local post office here, so I  search and buy packaging supplies by myself  OTL)
When somebody orders a book, 3 buttons, a bookmark and 2 keychains. they’re really just paying for one shipping fee which is the one I included in the Book price coz the rest are sold for just their  price, so you don’t have to worry about paying multiple shipping fees. I kinda thought it through crazily before I opened the store.

In the end, the way it is now, is the best way for me, even if it means I have to constantly save for shipping fees. Coz Jordan is one of those countries that Paypal keeps the money received as Pending Balance for 21 days before I can actually use it (3rd world country YAY).
But I had to ask just coz I like to hear people’s thoughts on everything and anything lol
Most people supported the way I’m dealing with it, so I’m glad.

I hope I was able to explain myself just a bit.
I’m trying to come up with new merchandise items and asking around for book quotes. Maybe Ill be able to print a sketchbook, artbook or something as planned.
Thank you again for the feedback and for reading.

Have a lovely day~

PS; Oh I forgot. The shipping fee I added to the books and posters is one that is in the middle between the highest shipping rate (say to Japan) and the lowest (to Saudi Arabia)

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