From Volume who knows, chapter far in the future

I miss drawing pages with the grownup dorks, so I rough sketched a scene from forever ahead in the story. As you can see, a spoiler of character development. White moves a bit more.

One thought on “From Volume who knows, chapter far in the future

  1. dee you got me with that caption 😂😂😂
    Woah…is this still forever ahead? 👀 The rain in this scene adding to the mood…it’s gonna be something else!! And something you planned so long ago…I’m excited 🤩 Something is going on for White to be playing out in the rain like that…and Black is looking at him like there’s some sort of rift between them…is this around the same period as Black giving White a haircut…White hair his longer hair here, not the side buzz cut…is this the same “volume who knows” as the one that used to be in the progress page on the website 🤔🤔🤔 *Jay trying to calculate how long she has to wait to see this scene*

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