Future scene

Extra 1:

Extra 2:

*message notification and White opens eyes, sleeping on couch*

???: Mroning mystery man!
White: Drop those names already.
???: Oh. You haven’t read huh?

White thinking: no.
*Opens fashion news.*

God damn it.

*Gets up and looks at Black.*

W: You’re up
B: Hmm

W: How are you feeling?
B: There is this weight…. Ugly weight in my chest.

W: Do you remember what happened?
B: Uhh– Vaguely

B: Something… about the shop?!
W: And?
B: ….

W: I have to ask…
W: Do you remember…

*Black smiles and nods*

W: I wont trust you. Say it.
B: You saved me and drove me here. I can never forge that you interfered and walked me back to the care in freaking paparazzi infestation

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