Grey is… 5th Anniversary

We fight… we patch things up.
We cry… we laugh.
We break… we mend.
We leave… we come back.

Sometimes a fight is so big, goes on for so long, that we think forgiveness will find no way to our hearts again.
Other times we get on each other’s nerves so selfishly, to the point we think we’ll lead our separate ways.

You break with actions, with violent emotions,
I, with words, and with silence.

The knot tightens, and tightens,

then November 30th comes around,
and we’re back on that rooftop,

two boys who found nothing better to do,

than to jump down, scattering all their problems across the wide sky and dive into the cold river.

In less elegant words than White’s thoughts, my version is;

Two silly boys decided to jump off a building and I’ve been drawing their story for the past 5 years.

I have no words to thank you all for… everything! Comments, likes, reblogs, favs, RTs, suggestions, critiques, fanart, fanfiction, MMVs, purchase, minute, second, etc, etc.

A story can’t live without a readership. Writers need reactions, and it’s been such a fun and happy experience so far! Busy, sometimes tiring and sometimes scary, but right now, I look back at it all with a smile.

I honestly can’t find words to thank you all, first and foremost, for your trust in me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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