Grey is… as a story

Hello dear readers;

The following is to clear out some of the confusion that you might be facing while reading the story. It has no spoilers what so ever, I just need to point out a few facts about the story as a written piece.

Before I start with anything, I’d like to express my gratitude and love for all the support you’ve give me so far, it’s my daily pleasure and nothing makes me more touches, to be honest. My life revolves  around this story so you can imagine how happy it makes me for people to enjoy it.

Now, on to what I want to say about this story;

Grey is… Genre:

Drama and Slice-of-life are the most general ones, and there is not much to say about them.
Psychological is another important genre about the story. That means that readers will find a lot of monologues in the story; it deals with emotions and deep feelings which are conveyed through expressions, body language and inner thoughts. It, also, deals with a lot of psychological issues within the human self so it’ll be folding slowly and one step at a time.
Comedy is another genre of the story because it’s not good write over 100 chapters of pure serious life events, it’s always good to have a comic relief.
I decided to remove Romance from the genres because when I looked at the whole story from a bird’s view, I realized that the romance in it is just like the action in it, a minor part of the whole slice-of-life drama.

Grey is… Up-close:

I’ve been receiving a couple of comments recently (About Chapter 004 to be specific) that it’s a bit confusing. I am thankful for those who pointed it and I have already replied to them all but in case of future comments or people who are confused but doesn’t say so, I have to clear out that Grey is… isn’t your normal type of manga. It is a long story, more like a novel, and that explains why the plan for it is to take more than 100 chapters although it’s talking about a small period of time in the two guys’ life.

The first 14 chapters are about throwing plot hooks everywhere -kinda introductory- through a series of flashbacks and Black and White’s narrating. There will be answers of course and a bit of progress in the story but they are mostly about Black and White’s personalities and how they deal and see things (7 chapters each). So people can understand and connect with them more. It is important to get the two main characters to get the story.

Chapter 15 will sum the previous chapters and give the path each Black and White will follow throughout the story, more like each one’s desired goal in the story.

By plot hooks I mean giving a specific fact about one of the two without getting into details much.

Example; Let’s imagine White’s a killer, I would give the fact that he killed a person in a gas station and nobody knows a thing about it, but I won’t give the why and the how until a later stage of the story. (I’m saying this for some people that doesn’t know what a plot hook is)

So, bottom line; the story needs patience, many secrets and facts will be revealed as the story unfolds. Honestly; this manga as I see and write it, is better read one chapter at a time, because I write it like that.
I wrote the whole story (summarized) before drawing any page. I write the whole volume’s plot before I start with its chapters then I write every chapter in detail, so be sure every action has a reason and every question has an answer. Just give it time.

I update it by pages because there are +200 people who prefer it like that, And besides I always appreciate people looking at every page as a piece of its own (art-wise)

One last note about me as a writer; I am not a fan of spoon-feeding every piece of information, and I don’t mean the major plot lines in the story. I respect the readers’ minds and their ability to relate and/or explain some stuff by themselves. Some TV shows and books piss me off these days because they often keep stating the obvious over and over again and I think it is a very underestimation of the person’s intelligence.  Which is sad really, because it makes less use of our heads.

At the end; you might ask why am I drawing a manga and why not a novel.
I am an artist after all, and I, even when I write for my story, don’t follow any rules coz I don’t like writing. My written page are messy, bad grammar, and even my scripts are not to be showed to anyone.
It’s easier for me to draw 15 pages of a person changing his clothes and going to work than to write it in a detailed paragraph.

Will that make my story look different?
Oh my, that will be a upmost pleasure to me, believe me.

I know what I’m giving and the amount of work and research I do for this. And I don’t move on to another page or chapter before being content with what’s in the one I have in front of my eyes.
It’s not perfect, nor its complete, there are mistakes and things that I want to change now that I look back at some pages but then again, as Da Vinci said:  

“Art is never finished, only abandoned”

Thank you for reading again~ <3

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