Grey is… Clippings’s birth.

The caption when I shared this logo was “it’s nothing new, big or special, but I’ve been having this idea and might see the light of day soon~”

it was nothing big or special, but then someone gave me a reason to put a little bit more effort into it. Still it will see the light of day pretty soon.

well, later today actually.


After I made the handmade booklet which is a limited extra for volume 7 preorders, I realized it’s not that daunting of a task, making a zine. So I decided that this year I’ll make sketch zines coz my number of sketches/doodles folder is… 


They’re all related to the story and I can’t afford to print logbooks anymore to be honest.

But as the nature of my projects, I decide on something but it gets bigger and more ambitious or gets sidetracked and changes once I start putting time into it.

I started going through the folder and I noticed over 100 comic strips by ‘2014′ folder. I dunno if they’re funny or really worth it, but they tell a story and contain elements which readers enjoy (based on your interactions).

I started grouping those, and I decided to dump them all under one title.

Grey is… clippings.

The main focus, it looks, is friendship; the ups the downs, the funny, the sweet, etc.

I decided to redraw some very old ones (to match the style). Most will stay as is but colored to continue with my digital coloring practice/studying. 

That’s when Webtoon released the new “Discover” challenge. A way for you to list your comic (with certain requirements) for a contest of a sort to become a featured series among other rewards. I’m not really aiming that high, since I don’t have the time to start something new, but I’ll list this new “Grey is… clippings” idea for the contest.

A reader over at Webtoons left a comment on Grey is… saying I should list it, and that’s how I learned about it, but I’m fully aware that the manga page format of the series doesn’t work well with this vertical comic thing.

So I decided to try my luck with a series of lighthearted episodes that I already have anyway.

Either way, if you’re into stories about lighthearted dailys and friendship, then I hope you enjoy this. Loyal readers will have to reread some of the old comics, but there will be new ones and I just feel good about having a place to dump those side stories.

I’ll post about it again here once the series is published and the first episode is out. 40% of the judging is based on the interactions, so I might need your support with this 😀

I hope you like this!

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