Grey is… Recap: sketching and lining Chapter 71

August 9th, 11:31

It feels good to sketch pages again

A tricky panel:

August 13th, 07:52

While I feel the fallen rocks and ground-like look makes the line “we all lost the truth” and the feeling behind the resolution head stronger for the reader, while I was sketching I decided to try with paper tears and falling and I might go with that when I finalize the page. I think the paper imagery fits the narration more, and the loss of the truth was gradual, silent and slow when it comes to Black losing his memories.

I think the stone imagery fits some other boy with heavy– arguably heavier trauma.

August 14th, 11:57

It’s funny how just by adding one line to make the shoulder wider, transforms a scribble from Black’s body shape to White’s.

I had to draw many poses to find the one I wanted.

August 16th, 09:46

first, I’m happy with this face but it’ll be covered with smoke so here.

also the first hint in this book about (Redacted till ch74 is out)

Visual progress:

August 21st, 11:38

Sketching a chapter takes the longest but is the most fun.
I finished sketching ch71 yesterday and I went over it to edit what is there to edit now that all the details are clear.

August 23rd, 12:11

that tricky panel coming along nicely.

August 25th, 21:44

boy we’ve come along way since Black first talked about his mind. he and me both. Ch3 vs ch71

August 28th, 20:27

I enjoy lining so much but right now, I don’t like my lines and I struggle so much with toning
I want to find a look that has minimal toning and one where I’m happy with my lines too

August 31st, 22:12

First chapter in the book is done ☑️
A clear night with 22°c

with shuffle being a paid actor setting the mood, with the cutest companion.

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