Grey is… Recap: thumbnailing Chapter 71

It felt pointless. However, there is nothing of substance to that feeling so, I carry on.

July 23rd at 19:43

A week passed by and I’ve been on/off working on the mind/memory map/walkthough Black is going to build up in the first chapter of the book. It’s based off the timeline that is shown in the first page of volume 7.

Back then people asked me if this is the canon timeline and I said yes. It is the canon timeline for what’s been presented so far back then, from every reliable and unreliable source.
Black is gonna sit down and make a timeline of his events.
And even though I had the “Draft” in volume 7, I still took my time to build it myself because there were many ideas on how Black would compile and present the things in this timeline.

I finished it today.

And while I was working on it, with Black’s point of view throughout, I suddenly disconnected from his head and I just felt that it’s precious how hard he tries whenever he puts his mind to something, and how hard he tries throughout this book.

And then I remembered how White feels when he sees all this effort from Black, something that will be shown at a late stage in the book, I had to doodle it (right).

Today I also sketched the outfits for the first chapter. Which will show a flashback from the scene that volume 9 ended at, a morning scene of the boys which will continue in the 2nd chapter of the book, and a third outfit for Black who is alone compiling all the data his had on that board.

I thought I’m finally free from drawing and keep reminding myself of White’s cast coz yes he removes it this book, but no, I have to now learn, and keep drawing him doing exercises for this hand.
Volume 7 continues to give :[

July 23rd at 18:36

The beginning of ch71 is a real challenge.

the chapter already moved from 22 pages to 24 upon starting to storyboard.

I knew Black would be sewing a zipper in the first scene of the book, and I planned to use it for the “parents split” part, but for the other hand, I wanted it to be holding the two parts of fabric on either side of the zipper while he thinks about trying to save the house.

However, for “the secrecy” to be visually illustrated with that zipper covering half his mouth (left) was an unintentional twist that just happened when I drew and I love it.

July 29th at 06:17

I just realized that having been struggling with storyboarding 6 pages for a week when I used to storyboard 5 pages daily, isn’t because I’m rusty (even though I might be), but more so because it’s a White type of chapter, even though the focus is Black.
It’s one of those intricate, layered and monologue-heavy chapters. One that has visual metaphors and has to tell the whole of Black’s journey in a few pages.

Not to mention… White is usually just sitting… writing or lying in bed while such chapters unfold, whereas with Black, he’s working, moving and also reacting to what he’s doing while he’s sharing all about his life. Ever the active baby.

This page took a while to figure out and I’m still going back and forth about it.

called this layer group “Head Split”.

It fits the whole (redacted till ch73 is out)

August 2nd at 13:16

I was just sitting with my mother and she was showing me this IG account that makes custom furniture, something that I’m interested in. She was showing me on her phone with a big space between us so I wanted to read the account name to find it on my phone and it was “treefabrications” or something…

I stopped at fabrications because it just occurred to me that fabric is actually part of that word, and Black works with fabric.
There should be a way to make a visual to that word. One with patterns or decorations.
It fits the theme of covering up or changing the truth.
The problem is that I don’t want revisit these sets of pages that took over 2 weeks to finish.
I want to search for the word in all of the chapters I’ve written so far so that I can use it somewhere else and not in this chapter.
Getting excited about words from a second language is my jam.

at 16:56

Why is the hardest chapter to storyboard!
man I’m so happy Black hasn’t been a brain boy from the start of the story. I would’ve totally sucked at presenting everything in a clear way.

August 5th at 08:14

every page has at least 2 different layouts now.

going with the first one (it came second in the process of creation).
it’s taking much time to finish pages but I’m very much enjoying.

at 22:47

Today I spent the evening at my (messy) out-home studio pumped to start working on the second part of the chapter. but I instantly hit another wall of a chapter.

It’s a tricky chapter yes. and I am telling so much in so little space, but just now while I was brushing my teeth I realized what’s my problem, and I rushed to my OneNote app to check when I wrote that chapter because I know I started writing this book long time ago and picked it back up June of this year.

I don’t have an exact date but the earlier I could find is July22nd, 2022, so I realized now why I’ve been struggling:
When I write, I see all the visuals so I come to the storyboarding stage with the chapter already drawn in my head and I just pour it on paper.
this chapter was written at least a year ago, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t feeling it back then.

I was excited for the idea of a Recap book since forever but, it’s hard to explain how it feels heart-wise when writing.
And I either wrote that chapter back then half-heartedly, without putting my heart into it, or the heart I wrote it with has vanished by the changes and the passing of time.
Thankfully, it’s an easy fix; I just have to sit down with all the heart that I can have and read the chapter with 100% focus to see it all unfold visually as if I’m writing it for the first time, and then head to the canvas.
It seems that I totally forgot that much of the early stages of this work happens in my brain and heart before putting pen to paper.

August 7th at 09:07

I think I will have to rearrange that dark panel. it might be (redacted till ch74 is out).
Just testing the broken cars brush to which best fit the accident.

In regards to the accident, (redacted till ch74 is out).
the text is not in its final placement but I think I can do better with these cars, maybe throw a gravestone in there too. But I also think the above 2 panels are interesting enough it’s good to just have a simple visual for the 3rd panel in the page.
All that written above, is an inside look on all the things that happen in my head when I thumbnail.

August 8th at 11:31

ch71 thumbnailing: DONE

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