Grey is… Vol7 begins…

A new volume begins. And for those with keen observation, yes these are old panels from a special chapter. They’re not from the new volume, as of yet.

The release date for volume 6 is fast approaching and I simply can’t wait for all of your reactions for what is to be revealed and happen in the book. The book ends at a point that I planned for back in 2011 and it was an important milestone in the boys’ development and journey back then, but reaching the point after 6 years of writing and drawing these boys, every. single. day. made a huge impact on the story, the characters and me.

This makes the new book a bit challenging a very fun way. There is so much to consider, address and write about. I am very tempted to write the whole book then start drawing the chapters, so that I’d  be able to see the whole picture for the book, but at the same time, I feel that kinda takes the magic and the mystery out of my experience as a writer. I’ve finished writing the first chapter of the book and I have a very short trip by the end of the week, so I think I’ll have my answer by the start of May.

Another thing I’m thinking about this book is whether I want to ink it traditionally like the past two books or go back to my roots with digital. Both have their beauties and their reasons to stress over. What initially made me think of this is that I actually miss digital lining, and that’s always the reason I choose something; is how I feel about it. But the downside is how fixed in one place I’d be. Traditional makes it easy to take the paper and work, on desk, on the floor, in bed, in cafe, on plane, in kitchen, etc. but I have to keep the inventory in check. Paper, pens, ink, printer ink, etc. etc.

Back to the panel above, which ironically is White saying he and Black are different -thank you mister observant- just like both mediums are with their pros and cons. 

I chose the panel randomly (not entirely, coz I love that boy’s profile) from one of my favorite chapters I drew ever, to line digitally and see how I feel about it and if I’m only missing it to find that it isn’t fun in reality. Th mind tend to glorify things like that doesn’t it?

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. I was truly missing it. So, even with the technical side of the new book, I have no idea where to go lol

It’s as I said, a fun challenge for real. I’ll have my answers without stressing about it, coz that’s no good.

I was doing the dishes when I thought, “I have a feeling this book will start digital and end traditional”, and strangely, I didn’t cringe at that idea. 

I see this book as this huge wide space that I know nothing about, but I’m kinda liking the rush of the exploring I’ll need to do.

I kinda feel like lining it with pencils….I also feel like I wanna work on it all on my iPad. thisneverends

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