Hidden between the layers: Volume 6+7

While revisiting volumes 6 and 7, I came across many hidden layers– I always have those. However, in these volumes, and because of the events, there were many lines and scenes that I scrapped because what’s left serves the best there is to serve. Like the Japanese Garden Philosophy, you keep taking out parts of the design till nothing is left which can be removed without it being ruined, and that’s the closest to “perfect” we can create.

3 thoughts on “Hidden between the layers: Volume 6+7

  1. A whole 24 images!! This was fun to look through. Thank you so much for posting all of these! *_*
    I said it before and I’ll say it again now that I’ve read even more of the hidden layers: you did a great job with the snipping! There are lines here in moments where the silence was really impactful for me.
    That being said I loved reading these lines and there were some really good ones! As always, I love these behind the scenes. One of the hard parts of essays is cutting back the less important parts once you’ve gone over the word limit, and I know it takes a good eye to know what to snip and what not to snip in this highly curated garden you’ve created!

    “He always finds a way…to keep on hoping” – there it is again, Black and hope! I said the other day that I think it’s one of his core essences and one that means a lot to me

    “I came for me, I left for me, and I came back for me as well” – it sounds selfish out of context but from White it sounds like character development

    The way he mentions other people thinking they have an unhealthy relationship and…we were only talking about that on Discord the other day…

    And “his childish wisdom” 🥺 Yesssssssss

    Ugh, that “chance meeting” line paired with White’s face 💔

    The hug 🥺🥺🥺 On that page oh man

    I laughed at the “I should never consider writing” xDDDD

    “You look like a person in jail anyway” haha

    The “no jk here” – oof 😬

    Awww, Black meeting doggo! That dog drawing is so cute!!

    By the way, I keep checking the blog daily as usual, and it’s cool to see how this post is unlisted for now! Early access for the subscribers, nice B)

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