Journal – May 20th, 2015

It’s been a while since I shared my work status and I hardly shared anything about the new book, except for the work-in-progress shots, but I’ll keep that till after the current chapter; ch31, is all out.

It’s scary how fast the year is flying by. It saddens me just a tiny bit, how behind I am in my schedule. Only a bit, because it was all for reasons beyond my control and also, I’m really enjoying whatever I get to draw daily.

I’m supposed to be finishing the 4th chapter of vol5 by now, but I’m still 17 pages away from finishing the 3rd. If it wasn’t for the eye-opening experience I had in Japan this past January, I’d be awfully stressing out, but thankfully I am better at going easy on myself now.

The year started with that trip then getting a nasty flu. I had a busy February with freelance and working on Shut in Shut out (a collab story with the amazing Lianne – tokyodemons). March came with another nasty flu and much work to prepare for Comic Con in Dubai. April with another trip for Comic con and then May had my father hospitalised. It’s all better now and he’s recovering nicely, but you can imagine how that week had been.

I can’t say I’m too behind. I finished 60 pages in the book so far, and working daily on it. Ramadan is approaching and it’s always the best month for me, as the time in the day is organised on its own and I’m always more productive when I’m fasting, so my hopes are that I’ll be able to catch up.

Photos show, my recent redecorated workspace, which is the best arrangement. The desk facing the window was the best decision I made; the world outside, even with the recent hazy smokey weather that got my allergy acting up badly, is inspiring and motivating me daily. Afternoons aren’t such a drag now.

Then three photos I took while working. The book is full of past events and important revealings. Call me mean for that last photo. White sure has important things to share in this book.

Thank you so much for reading!

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