Manga Volumes New editions: updates and ideas

I finished all the editing, proofreading and redrawing the covers of volumes 1-4 months ago. I didn’t set a date to start the printing and I still don’t have one in mind, however, I had to go back and forth towards these books multiple times, or graphic design reasons, concerning the covers, the logo for the umbrella under which all my aliases go under, and also, whether I’d make a box set or not, and if yes, how would I split the books.

I finished volume 5’s editing back with the other volumes too but I don’t have the means, on all fronts, nor the energy to go over finalizing the work for it, but that will have to happen too. There has been a huge decline in sales ever since the first volumes sold out, understandably so.

anyhow, photo dump from the past few months.

4 thoughts on “Manga Volumes New editions: updates and ideas

  1. yaaay another deely update (not daily or yearly because time’s just a bystander) of #deeisaliveandkicking

    1. I’m happy to see you have been doing so much! But I’m sad you are having issues with your hand now 😢 (knowing you, you would think it’s a good chance to finally be left handed lol) But I will pray you recover soon ❤️ Your hand, the huge cloud of dust that must be giving you allergy plus the heat I hope goes away soon🥺💜
      I love the logo with the planes! And the volume covers look amazing 🤩 Thank you for sharing all this 💜
      PS: Black’s eye 😍😍😍 *melts*

  2. × Aw I’m sorry about your hand :'( Sending good wishes and prayers.
    × Orange cats have chaotic energy and I’m here for it lol
    × Black with that angle looking like an anime character who’s about to “snap”.. but he’s softie <3

    Here's to you—steadier, stronger and better every day!

  3. Your hand 🙁 In the cast thingy :((((
    Even I dread losing mobility in my fingers and not being able to make things so I can imagine a little bit of how hard it must be for you because drawing…is your lifeblood. I would say “if it’s a matter of taking a break please take a break” but I know I’m talking to a stubborn person who WANTS to draw anyway. I just hope your hand/wrist/arm gets better soon.

    Thankful for your designer friend and fluffy friend. And you wanting to show your quick Wordle guess at the end made me chuckle xD

    The sand cloud is so cool to see but I don’t think I’d like to be in it.
    Your striped tops made me imagine a kid’s book with a zebra looking into its wardrobe and asking its friend for advice on which one to wear, going: “Hmm, which stripes will I wear today?”
    Digital track?? A song? *eyes emoji* (or actually just insert the image of Black’s eye that you posted here xD)

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