My sister read Grey is… Vol5

She hasn’t read any of the previous books. She started with volume 1 but hasn’t finished it. Rim is the first (and probably the only) person to read my work in my family.

The improved artwork and the fact that book 5 is drawn all traditionally; which is something she treasures, made her pick up the book to read. I personally think that volume 5 can work on its own for those who aren’t following the series and want to have a glimpse of what my writing and art style are.

It will spoil points mentioned in the previous books that are supposed to be teasers, and plot hooks, but for a person who doesn’t care about being spoiled or doesn’t enjoy slow-paced stories that dance around an idea for some time before revealing it, I think volume 5 is a good place to check my work and what the story is about.

That’s why I didn’t object when she told she wanted to start from book 5.

She greeted me today, even before I had my morning coffee which is essential for human communication with me, telling me that she had read the book last night.

I instantly shut my eyes open and totally forgot about the coffee mug in my hand.

I think highly of my sister’s intelligence, and she’s not one to lie about her opinions or sugarcoat things for me. So she’s one of those people whose opinion really matters for me, and,

She loved it.

“It’a hard to pick one! Both of course!” is what she replied to my usual “which you like more, Black or White?”

She showed me her favorite pages and commented on how Black and White as kids remind her about her 6th grade students (she’s an art teacher), and she told me she wants to color some pages. “This is my copy, you can’t say no”, is what she said, because she knows I think colors ruin, or hide the inkwork of a drawing.

She told me that she was sad when book ended and that she wanted to read more about the kids. I was happy that she loved Ritta, and she thinks of Inad exactly what I think of him what want him to be (in words that I can’t put in English).

I haven’t been feeling well for a few days, but this totally picked me up!

One thought on “My sister read Grey is… Vol5

  1. Awww she wanted to colour some of the pictures in! 🥺 I wonder if she did in the end! I remember doing that as a kid with some of my books that came with line art in them.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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