Yes ^^
I got my new computer.
I got it on April 15th but I had to finish some stuff, redecorate my room, install programs and copy my old data before sharing the news!
It feels awesome to be able to work again and have a personal computer.

Starting tomorrow, I will get back to notes and commissions that are on-hold. Also, I am going to meet with a former client for a possible freelance work next week.
So I guess starting tomorrow, my schedule will be swamped, but busy is always good. Keeps me motivated and inspired.

On another note;

Paypal FINALLY provided the “receiving money” option for my country which is like THE MOST amazing thing to me 😀 😀 😀

So once I set up an account and all, I will be open for commissions. Not points commissions, but real money commissions LOL, in hopes I can gain some money to print “Grey is…” by the 4th quarter of 2011, maybe make some merchandise.

I will submit another journal with the details once I have everything ready.

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