My life has been so hectic since I finished the book and tonight, right now, I lie in bed and feel my spirit fatigued, and I feel so cut off from the worlds I love. In my head and here online.

It’s no big deal and it’s a passing feeling. But the last time I was so away from all my online friends because I was just as busy and mentally too tired with RL socials that made me disappear from the internet socials, one of my friends told me she would have liked it if she knew I was feeling that way.

To her, she said, I always look so strong, productive and optimistic and it would’ve been encouraging in a way to see me… vulnerable?

I honestly started typing this to say that I miss you all, but somehow that story popped in my head and I don’t feel like filtering out stuff.

I just really miss you all, and I’m super blessed and thankful to have you here 💛

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