Pages from my journals

Sometimes there are empty spaces in between months or at the beginning of one, so why leave a space untouched.

A doodle of that one time when Black left. Wait what?! Well, it was mentioned in a subtle way in chapter 9 and this is the first sketch I ever drew about that time.
Drew this while I was waiting for the test print of Volume 1 cover at the printer. This is the main cast of Grey is… R->L: Yaldar, Isa, Larissa, Celine (piggyback on Inad and supposed to have dark hair), Ritta (yawning), Inad, White and Black. Let’s imagine they’re creeping up on Jad and, hmmmmmmmmmmm Black’s mum? Lol A page from my journal. May all months start on Saturday or Sunday so that I can use the space to art.
Don’t give up.

One thought on “Pages from my journals

  1. When Black left…was this when he said “I think we need some time off”? 🤔 Is that time gonna get explored more? 😯
    Thank you for the drawing with the “don’t give up” caption – I love it!

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