Pitch and Pure revamped look and sketches

Dust them off and revamped their looks to be more animal-like.
**Pitch and Pure**

Who are Pitch and Pure?

They started as a funny idea; Black and White in animal form (hence the names Pitch for Black and Pure for White), but with time they developed a story of their own and split from Grey is story. I tried to change their designs to not look like Black and White but any major hair change were declined by Pitch and Pure. Yeah they’re all rebels.

My love for animal characters started with Panchatantra (Kalila wa Dimna) and bloomed with the Maple Town And Palm Town Stories anime.
These two (wolf and rabbit) started as fun idea of drawing Black and White as animals but naturally they took a life of their own and now lead a separate story. Would love to illustrate it sometime.

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