Psychology drama dating sim with a bunch of crazy boys

Talking with a friend about Greyis dating sim game.
Difficulty on getting each character to go out with you, the player.

She said: “Easiest one is Inad, since he’d be so willing. For Black you have to trick him into thinking is not even a date. And Yaldar….
You have to trick him into thinking you have dynamite attached to yourself…
Imagine Yaldar eyes glowing from excitement hahaha

Another route is to Go on a date with Inad and try to find stuff about Yaldar. Somehow get to buy the dynamite then final boss date would be Yaldar. Because in that one you can actually die haha
Easy dates would unlock harder dates”

To which I said:
White is a hard one to get. Coz he’s……. Bored. And smart. You can’t trick him.

She: “Easy to go on a date but super hard during the actual date. So the goal would be to keep him entretained and interested in you”

Me: interested in you? Have you met White?!
Actually, the only way he’d actually go out with you is…
She: “Bring Black?”
Me: To go out with Black. He’ll chaperone
She: “Then the first challenge would be to get Black to go out with you. Then drag White somehow”

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