September Newsletter

Between a mind of scheduled thoughts, a heart of drafts and a body of errors, September is going slowly yet zooming through as I blink. New tech, books and non-human living beings are of company.

2 thoughts on “September Newsletter

  1. Oh… I wish bunny recovers (or recovered) soon. Comic Puppet, wow 😯
    Thank you for the update on the plushie! Can’t wait to see how White turns out!
    Also, hope you enjoy and find useful the manga creation book you bought.

    May the rest of September treat you well ♡

  2. Yay! Another update! Thank you for these!
    Sorry to hear about the body errors 🙁
    And it’s great to see an update on the plushies! I’m guessing from the little email excerpt that White will be made first, and if that is successful then they’ll make Black. My boy </3 But it seems they are happy to make White, which is awesome!
    Your desk set up got even cooler O_o Looks like a really aesthetic Twitch streamer setup.
    You have some really pretty photos in here!

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