Trivia: Black’s trying shindan maker

Black is trying that trending quiz and the reactions go as follows:

Himself: dating isn’t my thing.
At White: pff mister “I’m kind but leave me alone really”. Male in 20s… hmm.
At Jandar: … looks like I like the same people.
At Inad: so like Inad.
At Irina: I always thought Inad and Irina would make a good match!
At Ritta: … hmm.
At Ameer: awww… was he wearing a white sheet with holes around the eyes? May he rest in peace.
At Jad: holy sh— Jad is pricey for a blind man with one dead leg.
At Yaldar: … 

 Then White took the phone to try Danial and pffft.

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