Yesterday I dropped off my laptop at the store for examination and they told me they’re gonna call me today about what’s wrong.
So I kept pacing around holding my phone all morning until I got the call.

The problem? Logicboard (motherboard) is dead.
Why? its a common failure that happens in macbooks that were sold between mid 2007 to september 2008 ( I bought mind March 2008) and it’s a failure than clearly Apple Inc. doesn’t want to acknowledge and take responsibility for.
What about the data? Thankfully all is good and they’re making a backup of the files as we speak and I’ll have my external hard disk with all my beloved art and music tomorrow 🙂

(Imagine Black and White standing all heroic-like with “We are the champions” playing XD THEY SURVIVED XD)

Solution? They said that they need to replace the logicboard with a new one and they’re contacting Apple at US to see the prices for it. And they’re supposed to get back to me tomorrow too when I have my hard disk ready.
And coz I’m such an impatient person I looked up the prices online to just have an idea how much it’ll cost ( I know a loagicboard will cost a lot but just to check) and clearly in the US it is $1000 and a few hundreds, of course I can get it a bit cheaper from places other that Apple but this is what I’ll get from the apple store here and the price will be a bit more in my country for shipping and handling and customs and taxes and stuff I guess.
CERTAINLY I’m not going to pay such amout on an old (somewhat) machine so if the price turned out to be around that much I’m gonna buy a new laptop.
Some think I’m crazy for wanting to buy a new macbook pro.. again. but honestly it’s my preferance and what I’m comfortable with regardless of what happened.
So in the mean time and until all is figured out I’m gonna use the home PC for work and updates and all, I just gotta fight a bit with my brother and get used to using the control key again XD

I’m gonna install Photoshop and my tablet driver and some stuff later this evening and maybe if the PC didn’t turn out to be as old as I think it is I’ll download procaster and stream a bit.

Thanks a lot all of you for all the lovely words and the support.
You are all so sweet and nice and ;A;

Have a lovely day~

I will be away for some time coz of my computer’s decision to die on me this morning.
I will still update the manga on the group/smackjeeves/mangabullet using my sister’s computer but I won’t be around replying or doing anything for the time being (even outside dA)

What happened?

so, last night I went to bed all is good, my schedule is all arranged and everything is going according to it.
I woke up today at 5 to start working as always and I turned on my macbook pro, but the screen was all black, the sound isn’t working neither the keyboard.
I can hear the hard disk sound though, so let’s hope it’s a hardware issue that will not cause any data loss.
I do have all the manga pages that I finished uploaded on the web (but as JPEG) so losing the PSD files will surely kill me.
I might lose some illustrations and doodles that I haven’t backed up
and the secret March 31st project will be all gone if the hard disk turned out to be dead too, coz I haven’t backed up that yet.

I can’t begin to think of the other art, references, documents, music, anime and IMAGES that I have and are not backed up.

so, bottom line,
I’m really frustrated coz of all this to the point I can’t really express it.
And what makes it worse is that it’s friday today and it’s a day off in here so I gotta wait till tomorrow to check with the apple store.
Today will sure be such a heart wrenching day with my head going on and on about if I wil lose my hard disk, what is it there that’ll lose, OMG all the PSD files, how will it cost to fix this and of course all the stress coz of all the work that’ll pile until this is fixed.

So, let’s hope that my hard disk isn’t effected
and see you around

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