Volume 6 printing

I’ve been facing some problems with #GreyisVol6 printing. It’s been keeping me up for the past week.
The sad part in the whole thing that there is no one to blame really. I mean sure there is, but it’s not physically part of the process

Naturally, I’ve been using the same paper, same printer, same file formats with the same people for all my books.

I never had any worries when in comes to printing BW pages. It is one color after all. So I dropped off files and hopped on a plane for 3 day break.

I got back, they called me that all books are finished and ready for me to pick up. All we have left is the colored cover which I always have to be there to check

When I held the book, I was happy with the binding the awesome black cover at first. I started checking the numbering of pages.

That’s when I started seeing how transparent the paper is. I can see everything that’s happening on the back of a page

Using 80gsm paper always means there will be shadows of what’s behind, but never this clear. It killed all the hooks I put at the end of each spread

I started talking with them. At first they were it looks fine, and it’s not terribly bad. But every page with much white space, you can all that’s underneath

I started explaining to them how this comic thing work, and how seeing the person’s complete features at the door in the back

When I’ve been building up towards who is it standing by the door is a killer for reading experience.

All the books were like that. The manager after much discussion offered a free reprint of course, “you should be 100% satisfied “

It was a relief, but also sad. The guys that work with the book did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. It was the paper manufacturer problem.

I could tell. It how you buy two good sketchbook brands of same paper weight. Yet each absorbs the ink differently .
The manager sees its a problem with ink.

That the guy in charge of the printer, use bad percentage of black ink which should never be the case.

The guy was scolded of course and I hope there wouldn’t be any cut from his pay. He is in charge of the reprint too so I can imagine the size of the work he’s doing

They’re all so nice and supportive to what I want, even without knowing anything about this medium.

The book is reprinting now so we’re moving past it. We did a test print with lower percentage of black ink and it looks good.

Hopefully the books will be at home by next week and I’ll start arranging the packages of all pre-orders.

I know I’m being picky and OCD because I like the full black ink more. It shows the art better.

But my mum, friends and the shop owner I sell my books at think that it’s visually better for the eyes while reading with less ink

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