Volume 6 work update!

at long last!  Even though it turned out to not be longer than usual after I checked when I had actually started working on the volume.

So, last night I’ve arranged my pages in one stack, threw away the pen nibs and tightly twisted the ink bottle cap. I’ve finished inking the last page of volume 6! I usually finish the volume by the end of the year, but I’ve been on all types of rides, uphill and down, since December 2015, so it got much delayed.

When I scanned the last page, I took out my calendar from last year. I know I keep a record of when I begin and finish every chapter, so out of curiosity I checked, and was surprised at the fact that I actually thumbnailed the first 6 pages of the volume in March 1st of last year. Such a beautiful surprise. Not only because it’s an exact year ago, but also because i knew that I started this book late, so it’s only natural I’d finish it later than  usual, considering two trips and gazillion happy and sad, festive and stressful events.

It was kind of lonely to work on pages upon pages without sharing them with anyone, since even my closest friends who used to read the chapters as I finish them were also in their own separate eventful journeys, but at the same time, there was a sense of liberation, writing all these chapters without any form of reaction from anybody.

Anyhow, there is much work to do pre-publishing, but it’s not as intense as working on the actual meat of the book; the story, the chapters.

I’ll post any new about pre-orders and such on all my social accounts.

A huge shout out to Mira again and again, for her great work proofreading the chapters (not the pages posted online right now. sosorry) 

anyhow, here is an extra coz the above images are… meh.

and coz Black doesn’t cry. in the book. like. at all. trustme

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