Website touched up, revamped on phone

A lot of plugins and themes updated throughout the year so I had to do the yearly touching up I do for the website so it wouldn’t have bugs and broken look here and there.

I looked into changing the comic reader interface to make it easier to work on the phone. Something that has touch gestures or a way to make all the the pages in a chapter open in the same page like we see in scanlations websites.

I looked into Toocheke plugin, and a few other alternatives but nothing offered me what I want and with 2000+ pages, I didn’t want to risk trying something out and have the whole website fall apart ahead of the return.

Thankfully that journey led me to learn how to stage a website, like make a copy of the current website and and do all the editing there while the original live website stays as-is. But that was the only advantage from the days of trying to offer a better “modern” experience.

I revisited the Blog, About and Archive pages and went kinda minimal with them. I thought of dividing the chapters in pages in the Archive page and into Arcs in the About page, but then I thought how it’s better to have a way to group a set of chapters together and make the whole series easier to approach for newcomers.

At least, that’s how I go about reading new manga series. Recently I was reading Monster and it’s easier to read a volume per setting than keep looking at that number of chapters altogether without a point of reference on how to fit it in my schedule.

As for the blog, I added a call-to-action button for a pop-up if anyone wants to join the newsletter. I’m still not sure if I should change the page layout for the blog categories when you click to them. As of right now, when you click on a category, you get a list of all the post titles.
If you open any post, and then click the category from there in the post header, you go to the archive page for the category and it shows the posts in tumblr-style one after the other.

Each of these layouts has its pros and cons and I’m still unsure which to stick with, or is the way it is right now is good enough.
I don’t see much traffic coming to the blog in general and that’s why I’m in no haste to change anything.

The bigger update was for the homepage, which has been a landing page for the past 2 years, and now it’s a simple manga website homepage with a classic header and all.

I want to try to show the latest pages in an attractive way once the updates are back, and I added a sidebar that shows all the info and social links and Clippings.

I was also able to learn how to make an off-canvas menu for the sidebar on mobile phone. I can only hope that it works smoothly on all browsers and devices.

The design for the info in Hompage, especially on phone, is taken from the MangaPlus interface. I’ll continue to do some touch-ups here and there so that I wouldn’t be that “copy homework” meme.

And that’s all for this year’s website update.

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