Work update: February 2022

I finished moving all my blog posts from tumblr to the blog page. It contains a lot of trivia and was quite nostalgic to see all the work-progress posts I did. It was such a relief to be done with this part. There still some posts from Instagram, Twitter and discord that I’d like to move, but leaving that yo another day.

I worked on the ebooks for the volumes that weren’t available and the art books. Another thing for another day is to make e-books of the new editions of volumes 1-4. Had to finish the final look of the covers first.

For now, the new edited pages from volumes 1 and 2 are updated on this website. It was a lot of work to replace the old pages but it’s definitely worth it.

I started, and finished editing volume 3. I worked on it at a consistent pace and it’s another thing to feel relieved about finishing. Now it’s going to be proofread then updated on the website. I started volume 4’s work the very next day.

I did the typesetting for the chapters that weren’t made with Clip Studio Paint. And I’m extracting the textless versions of the pages from the original PSDs, one chapter at a time.

Because I’m not gonna be printing these new editions in the foreseeable future, I decided to finish the editing of all the pages before I think of the new/modified covers. This is the thing I’ll do once I’m done with volume 5’s editing.

I’m happy to have a proper “about” page and a a slightly revamped archives. I want to add info about clippings, and add links to my presence online in the creator section of the About page.

I might give woocommerce another try in the middle of this year. I tried it before but it didn’t work with some Paypal accounts, resulting in some people’s inability to order volume 7 at the time, and it’s what made me move to Shopify.

Honestly though, Shopify’s annual billing and fees per sale is more than what it provides. I’ve been having some issues and not to mention that every new feature or service I want to add is a third party paid app. I know that I can save more with better user and personal experience than what Shopify offers at the moment. I just hope there won’t be any problems with Paypal this time around. Will have to test the shop once I move it before I close my Shopify account. All that, before the date for my next billing in October.

I hope you’re all doing well, and thank you for reading 🖤🤍

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