Writing volume 8: Yaldar

At night:

For the record.
I passionately hate Yaldar tonight.

Following morning:

let’s see.

I wrote that last thing before bed and went to bed. It’s just there are some areas that I gotta explore for the story; digging deep in Yaldar and the psychology of a narcissistic abuser is part of it.

It’s one thing to feel and write and evil side of humanity. It’s really a whole different thing to sit there and draw it. Feel every expression and break every line.

I dunno. It was intense. More intense than usual.

I was worried all night about an MRI scan that Mum did earlier, but thankfully we got the result and it is showing problems, but the not the kind I was afraid of. So my mental state maybe was fragile to begin with.

either way, thank you for the replies and sweet messages. I’m up and back on the desk. Gotta balance that with some kind sweet… bromance?

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