Status: May 2022

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  • Volumes 1-4 new editions (chapters + Proofreading) ☑︎
  • Volume 1-4 new pages updated on website ☑︎
  • Volume 5 new edition (chapters) ☑︎ (proofreading) ☒
  • Volumes 1-5 new editions (covers/dust jackets) ☒
  • Volumes 1-4 new editions (e-books) ☒
  • Printing Volumes 1-5 new editions: not for a long while
  • Grey is… webtoon relaunch: happening
Organizing CSP assets

Volume 8 progress

Today I finished the 3rd chapter in volume 8. Page count so far is 96 pages.
I really want this to be a small book, so please let it be 104 pages to go XD

These are 3 random scenes from the 3 chapters.

First chapter got me like: ½ I need a brainwash ½ who’s cutting onions a centimeter away from my eyes.

2nd was like: Bitter-sweet warmth and beauty. 

3rd was: I hate him. I love him. Poor him. I LOVE them. Poor another him. I love her. maybe poor yet another him.

I have a 2 week trip this month so I think I’ll put the consistent schedule on hold and work whenever I see fit, without pressure. 

The chapter updates will be back after this trip if all goes as planned. 

Volume 7 release: extras, pre-orders, photos, thoughts

The first patch of online pre-orders will have this “friendship” bookmark set.
Lots of products for the pre-order extras are arriving and I can’t wait for them to arrive to their owners 💛

To help you (andme) keep up with the crazy lives this duo lead, I made a timeline of everything that’s happened so far and I’ve never felt more accomplished lol
You’re welcome 😂

The dummy for Grey is… vol7 arrived yesterday and like an 8 year old, I slept with it next to my bed.
It’s been 7 years of self-publishing and I finally have the book I’ve always wanted and for the first time I feel like “wait a second, this MY work?!”

“you know the line between letting a person grieve so they can take their time to wallow, and the point where they need a reality check? I don’t know where that line is. I used to, but somewhere along the years, I became afraid of it.” Grey is… volume 7 on one hand, is everything about the line between the heart and the mind when you’re about to lose an important person. On another, it’s about people in darkness, and how it’s easy to get too blinded by another’s lights to see they’re in the same darkness with you.

There are two special limited #GreyisVol7 pre-order packages.

Both include a 40 page handbook of everything I used in and created for the book. Scans of all my written notes, character sheets and settings designs. 

There is also a short story that appears as a flashback in ch56 from Black’s point of view but is from White’s in the handbook. 

This handbook is exclusively made (by me) for those who pre-order one of these two special editions. They’re selling fast and only 15 left from both packages.

“A friend: a single soul dwelling in two bodies”

Promo illustration for a bookmark set to be given with #GreyisVol7 pre-orders
Reserve you copy now by visiting

This book has a lot in it and it’s one that I’ve put everything I want to draw, everything I want to write and everything I feel I’ve learned since I started the series in. What I learned about life, and about creation.

Lots of extra exclusive goodies with the standard, special and extra special editions.

Here is a first look at one of the products included in the Limited Extra Special Edition of Volume 7 pre-orders!
I’m happy with how these clear pouches turn out and I hope those who get them like them too 💛

I can’t wait to ship these books!
Naturally many pre-orders will be shipped pre-release date so keep your eyes on your inbox for notification email about your package with the tracking number.
Some random packages are already on the way~

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