Black and White are soulmates

yes. For me it is soulmates in a nutshell. But even that term is used so specifically that gives the impression it’s romantic.

I believe the constant focus that one should find just that ONE true relationship in stories (which comes from people to people) is the reason some people want to come up with words, like bromance, queer platonic, platonic ship, heterosexual life partners, etc.

It’s always been romance but all the pressure for people to find it, specifically young adults who haven’t figured themselves out yet and maybe aren’t interested in romance/sex, creates the need to come up with new words coz friendship in everything we consume and/or are told, is just your past time.

Black and White have no romantic relationships

I think I get what you mean.

I’m not going to touch on the term “serious relationship” because who and what defines a serious relationship. For life?

Well, here are two life lessons from humble old me who has yet to learn a lot but knows these as facts;

1. There is no ONE relationship for life if you want it, the relationship, and yourself to be healthy. All relationships should be serious for you to some extent coz human mental, emotional and physical communication are no joke. 

2. It’s no study, but spend enough time with older people in unhappy marriages or are divorced, and you’ll find 80% of the time it’s because they have an internal issue they never faced or fixed and used the relationship as a crutch to get by and feel better about themselves for a while, or got married for all the wrong reasons, which simply comes from the same place as having an issue you didn’t fix, only that in that latter case, a person don’t know what they want in life so they just go with all what the culture and tradition around them tell them. 

Both Black and White have to fix things within themselves before pursuing a more “serious” relationship with a significant other “for life”.

does it bother you that some of your fans enjoy the idea of them being together romantically?

At first I was so uptight and angry then gradually it mattered less and less and I accepted that, as my friend luci likes to say; “it’s out of love for the characters not an attempt to change them”

While I feel those who intensely ship it are missing a big part of the whole message behind the story, not to mention it’s going to be the slowest burn ever lol, I am learning to take it all with love.

My discomfort honestly doesn’t come from me as a creator. Ever since I was a little kid, I took stories seriously and the word of the author was THE word. I still don’t understand and sometimes am annoyed by shipping that isn’t canon in every fandom I’m in. Like WHY would you ship two opposing enemies…? I’m just too serious lol, but I’m becoming more flexible. 

Visually, it might be a bit tougher to get over. There is something that ruins the character for me when seen in intimate situations or… less clothing than usual. 

thankfully it’s been 8 years and I haven’t seen any fanart other than the softest BL. And besides one comment (on smackjeeves of course) that used the most graphic description, I’ve been lucky with the shippers. (or as one of my friends like to say “submariners”) 

Is Black an albino?


Black, Yaldar  are (that explains why all three wear glasses when working). Violet and Larissa are carriers. Ritta isn’t affected. 

Don’t hold everything to be scientifically 100% correct though. it’s fiction science lol

EDIT: original answer had Violet up with Yaldar and Black. I keep going back and forth between her being affected or carrier. Both ways have interesting results on the story of her and her kids. so yeah..

If she was affected, both Larissa and Ritta are carriers. If not, only Larissa is carrier and RItta doesn’t carry the gene.

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