Side Stories

A phone call by an overprotective mother (Prior to ch36)




Beee- “MY VIOLET!”

Violet: how are you doing?
Noir: doing well! and you?
Violet: can you talk? Are you busy?
Noir: I have time to spare. What is it, tell me.

Violet: Black made a friend-
Noir: ooooh school friend?
Violet: no. and he wants to visit him. I’m not sure.
Noir: you can’t protect them forever, dear.

Violet: I want you to check about his family– uh… you might even know him, coz he served in the military.
Noir: he did? Are you sniffing around on him already? D:
Violet: well-
Noir: did you give up on my services too?  (  T _ T )
Violet: Black mentioned he’s a children book’s author so-

Noir: are you talking about Jad?!
Violet: you know him?
Noir: psshshshsh do I know him! Listen, send Black to him worry-free! As if you’re sending him my way!
Violet: he fell on the tiles at your place and you let him eat fruits unpeeled. god knows if they’re even washed. =_=

Noir: oh (^^;) bad example. Listen. You can trust the man! You can never ask for a better parent to look over kids. If it means anything, he’s the only person I trust on my back at battlefield, and you know that’s a big deal.
Violet: no wife?
Noir: oh- uh- she ditched.
Violet: why?
Noir: boyfriend.

Violet: what kind of enviroment-
Noir: we can’t tailor relationships to our liking.
Violet: ….
Noir: ….
Violet: …….

Noir: As a father, as a guardian, you can rest assured and don’t worry with Jad.
Violet: O-okay… do you know where he lives?
Noir: I’ll send you an e-mail!
Violet: mm-hm

A change in seasons

This was the year when White completely moved in with his father.
He was lonely and the people in the neighborhood weren’t so welcoming to a kid with… an unknown background.

Of course, It was way better than the alternative but still at times, being alienated in his new home affected him.
And just like all things with White, being isolated affected him silently.
As quiet as an early snow day.

[I can’t say much here because his childhood is still unfolding]

White has always been extremely introverted with big imagination which comes from all the stories he’s read. He has hyperlexia and with Danial’s massive library he started shifting towards reading non-fiction books more than fiction. The lone kid had toys and played a lot on his own, but turning the last page in a book was his favorite time in any day.

Jad wasn’t prepared to fully take care of a kid. 

He was in a very good relationship with White when he was with his mother, but never expected to be fully present in his life. (I know this sounds bad on Jad’s part, but volume 8’s first chapter might answer some more questions about White’s childhood and why things were like that.) They both struggled for a few months the first year, but by late summer, they found their bearings. White  buried his head in books most of the time in house or at the library, while sometimes he spent afternoons at the nearby park till after sunset.

But as Jad told his mother in chapter 36, White always had many stories about his playground time with friends when in reality, if Jad were to pass by the park for some reason, White would always be alone.

The only… real people White interacted with most of that year were Jad, Jad’s mother and Danial. 

White was, intellectually, years ahead compared to his peers (not in math though), and because so much has changed for him in the previous year, Danial’s professional opinion was to not enroll him for school yet as the pressure of all the new people and the likelihood of some  judging him for who he was, will drive him to withdraw into himself even more. 

One thing that Jad did right and White, small as he was, appreciated was freedom.

The children book’s author didn’t make much money monthly and though payday was good on book release, he always had a slow paced income throughout the year.

Jad couldn’t get White everything he thought would make the boy happier, but he gifted him a bike; a means of transportation and trusted him without any rules or curfew, unless very much needed. 

He believed after everything White faced beginning his life, he’d be able to handle whatever. “You were on your own for half a decade now and got by perfectly,

If anyone, I am the one in need for rules and discipline, kid.”

Black might have taken the colors from White, and it might have been a rough journey that drove them to pursue extreme measures to get by, but their meeting was the first building block for a home they both needed next to their half homes they originally come from.

Heedless Black set White’s stale life in motion.

The things I can’t say. can’t write

And these drawings I never bring myself to share.

of all things, and even after a whole year after coming back, White still doesn’t get Black’s cutting. He understands and mostly can predict everything Black does, good and bad. But the self-inflicted wounds is beyond him.

Not having been there for 2 years and coming back to see this unfathomable change in Black keeps White up at night, swinging between feelings of pain, 


and guilt.

How I pictured this ending.

Because some days I like to draw the fluffiest silliest Black sh*t.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Future scene

Extra 1:

Extra 2:

*message notification and White opens eyes, sleeping on couch*

???: Mroning mystery man!
White: Drop those names already.
???: Oh. You haven’t read huh?

White thinking: no.
*Opens fashion news.*

God damn it.

*Gets up and looks at Black.*

W: You’re up
B: Hmm

W: How are you feeling?
B: There is this weight…. Ugly weight in my chest.

W: Do you remember what happened?
B: Uhh– Vaguely

B: Something… about the shop?!
W: And?
B: ….

W: I have to ask…
W: Do you remember…

*Black smiles and nods*

W: I wont trust you. Say it.
B: You saved me and drove me here. I can never forge that you interfered and walked me back to the care in freaking paparazzi infestation

Happy Children’s Day

Black: NO I’LL GO IN FIRST! I’m a guest here!

White: Black you’re here. All day. Every day. For the past THREE YEARS! You’re way past guest! I’ll go in first!

Black: NOOOO! I hate how the bathroom is after someone was in! It’s humid and wet and suffocating!!

White: you take FOREVER TO FINISH!


White: you leave hair everywhere it’s disgusting!!

Black: my HAIR IS WHITE! You can’t even see it!!!

White: …

Black (/snickering): guess I’ll go in first then.

White: you might as well! You stink so bad ( Black stops midway) my dad wasn’t able to sleep last night. (Clenching fists. Grinding teeth) It’s a blessing you’re finally (notices White’s new clothes) going to free us (the clothes he spent an hour picking and ironing to wear after bathing) from that awful sme-

(There was a continuation for that but no energy to write. Just imagine Jad witnessing these dorks. Fighting. Again. Over. The. Silliest. Things)

Logic in Children’s arguments is the best thing

Leaving Home

We are leaving.
He away from his abuse. Me away from everything holding me back in this small town.
We were never the festive kind, and he wasn’t feeling good  because I just removed him from his roots by force. 


there was a beginning. The life we had dreamed of. 

We’re ought to have a celebration of a sort, so I brought sparklers. We always liked those.

We, are finally leaving.
To a new life where we can set the rules and be free from the pain that left its marks on his body, and my soul.

Black sighed then murmured; “I…I think I’m gonna cry.”
It sounded more like he’s in shock that that was what he was feeling.

I didn’t understand why he, a crybaby would be shocked, or even need to utter these words out loud. 

I didn’t understand why I, who waited for this day for years upon years, shared his feeling.

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