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Chapter 00: Page 00
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Chapter 00: Page 00

12 thoughts on “Chapter 00: Page 00

  1. Hey dee, I think Super Sonic hair White ain’t looking bad, How about having him and post 10 years White meet somewhere.

  2. I’m so confused on Loonytwin there are more pages are they the same ??? I’m not sure so if you have a way to tell me thanks

    I’ve been wanting to read the original story and I finally found it!!!! I’m so excited!!! XD
    I think your work it great btw!! 🙂

  4. Saw your work at comic con today. I’ve got one word for you: phenomenal! Everything about this is just pure perfection and it’s got everything I look for in a manga :^)

  5. This is very good I can’t believe that an Arabian woman can draw such a good manga , keep going girl

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