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Chapter 04: Page 41
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Chapter 04: Page 41

3 thoughts on “Chapter 04: Page 41

  1. Honestly, the first time I read this manga was a few years back , and at that time I was used to reading mainstream manga types alot where after a while of reading them you kinda start accepting mediocrity , and become skeptical about other takes in manga that could be tones of times better if you give it time.
    And that is exactly what happened with me the first time I read Grey is I was skeptical about it as it was so different and like an alien compared to the type of manga you find everywhere.
    But now that I look at it , I was terribly wrong! This is one of the most unique and brave takes on manga I have ever seen , And it is awesome !!
    You can hardly find pieces that can be realistic as this one and still be so enjoyable , the interactions between white and black is as natural as it gets when it comes to being close friends dealing with issues , and without throwing it tons of drama nor cliche dialogue or events to keep the readers going.
    I can clearly see the flow in this story happening irl , like reading about a story about real people which is very interesting !
    The artstyle is also unique , subtle and beautiful.

    I find this piece a very unique beautiful journey that I surly enjoy a lot !
    And I hope we can see more mangas of the type ❤
    Keep up the amazing work, Dee juusan❤

  2. Dear Diana Al-Abbadi,

    Did you know  before? you are awesome mangaka.

    My English is not vary good because I am an Arab girl, but I know that your manga is something different on this world . I am vary proud because there are Arab people like you.

    I wish for you all the best,
    Asmaa Alnabhani

    (Thank you) شكراً

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