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Chapter 05: Page 02
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One thought on “Chapter 05: Page 02

  1. Black is hilarious. I love him. I love both of them already. even though the pieces are not gathered together, not yet. But I could sense something… a wave of sadness planning to drown me down to the bottom of the ocean. and I am so ready for drowning, crying, and sobbing. a nonstop crying is what I need at this moment.

    You know, I am a cold-heart-stone-bitch. okay?
    I never cry so easily. It’s not easy for me to feel related to any work of art. whether it’s a manga, movie, or even a song.

    But now I do. now I have one. So I knew from now on that “Grey is” is going to be remembered and loved by me. for the whole lifetime. I am going to visit the characters from time to time too. surly.

    You brought us joy and laughter. Thanks a million.

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