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Chapter 13: Page 28
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2 thoughts on “Chapter 13: Page 28

  1. I can’t articulate myself properly right now. I just love them so much, this page is too beautiful T^T

  2. White’s hurt expression here (probably because what Black is saying here is exactly what Lana said and he’s being reminded of that time) is so painful. It’s almost easy to look over and forget about because his reactions are always so much more subdued and he’s far less expressive with his emotions than Black…and then he regains his composure a lot faster too.
    It’s nice to re-read this series and notice more details. I really like how you convey in such subtle ways that the comparatively inexpressive White really does get bothered by things, and has a lot of unvoiced pain. I also love that Black picks up on his inner turmoil here.

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