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Chapter 18: Page 20
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3 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Page 20

  1. Um… I think I am going to throw up. Seriously, This is too much to handle. especially the subject of leaving and all of that. This is something I am facing in my life at this moment. and it’s so hard to see and read all of this. I see myself in white a lot, except that I don’t have my own black. how sad.

  2. Hi! I haven’t been commenting on the previous chapters because I’ve been too caught up with the story as of now and there were a few times I wanted to leave a comment but I ended up moving to the next page to continue :> I first came across Grey is… through Webtoon and decided to read the main story quickly after the latest update! And ever since I’ve been really interested in the story! It deals with topics real well and I can clearly see the progress you’ve made so far! I can’t deny the fact that I relate to Black on certain levels of his episodes and history, but the way you portrayed it in Grey is… is both relieving and comforting… it’s really nice to see a Slice of Life that tackles these topics along with different points of views throughout the story. I really appreciate the portrayal of friendship between Black and White and how comfortable they are with each other as well as their fights because there really isn’t a relationship without any fight, and I love how natural these two seem. The recent chapters have kept me on edge and I must admit, I really really love where this is going and I do hope you continue to keep being inspired to write and draw! Off to the next chapter :>

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