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Chapter 20: Page 24
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Chapter 20: Page 24

8 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Page 24

  1. thank you for these important words, Dee <3 self-harm is something ive been struggling with for 10 years now unfortunately. its such a terrible and isolating addiction. thank you for writing about the reality of SH so well and realistically, it seriously means so much, ive never seen it written as well as you do in Grey Is… sending lots of love ♡ ♡ ♡

  2. It’s 2020 and I want you, dee, to know that this story is still creating ripples of impact, especially on me. I too, can understand and relate to this story so much more than anything I’ve ever been exposed to. Thank you for your beautiful and emotionally enthralling masterpiece that has captured my attention and heart. Self-harm, anxiety, trauma, co-dependence… these are true demons that can break down a soul. Thank you for helping me and so many others others in the fight against them.

  3. This chapter made me cry A LOT !
    I used to cut then stopped and started forgetting slightly like Black.
    I feel like I’m part of the story and I somehow know how they feel (or how Black feels).
    I’m really happy to find this manga and many many thanks to the mangaka for making such a beautiful manga <3

    1. Super late I know, but gahhh I agree with you! This chapter made me cry too but in my case White makes me feel like I’m part of the story.
      Thank you Dee!! for making something so relatable.

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