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Chapter 30: Page 15
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Chapter 30: Page 15

Till next update, I’ll leave you with waifu Black making lemon juice and talking about guests and kids.

Next update,  will be a big number of pages altogether, which marks the end of chapter 30, the end of volume 4 and the end of the 2nd arc of the series. It’s the scene I’ve been wanting to draw since 2010, the start of the story.

till then!

[Update]: And I made a teaser

10 thoughts on “Chapter 30: Page 15

  1. I have been reading Grey Is for a couple of years now, very long years actually on mangafox and there just seemed to be no update at all. I read the same 13 chapters at least 7 times over the years because it is a very unique piece of work. Stumbled upon this website late last year due to frustration after having read all 13 chapters again. When i came across this, felt like i found my way through 1 maze of life. Thank you for the hard work.

  2. I just discovered this webcomic thanks to TvTropes and adbfgsdgn,sdyhg
    I honestly don’t know what words to say, this comic is so awesome!

  3. AHHH That teaser! The story goes onnnn! I am excited to see what happens next!
    ^_^V Don’t work too hard, be blessed!


    Can't wait for the new update. ;____; Gotta see why waif–I mean Black looks so stunned at the end ahweoifawheih

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