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Chapter 31: Page 04
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9 thoughts on “Chapter 31: Page 04

  1. I read the first 10 chapters 2 years ago (was 14 years old that time XD ) and i didnt understand anyyything and now that i’m 16 i re-read it and I just love it more than the words can express .. Truly love your art and the plot dee!! Infact , YOU are awsome and talented. 😀 you choose the unique topic; Self-harming and child abuse!!

  2. Ah! I’m so happy new pages are out! I’m really excited to see what else you have in store for us! (I’m still trying to get over the last plot twist. Grey Is… is slowly becoming the center of my life.)

  3. Haha, true, true. XD I like this guy’s analogy. I myself am guilty of saying “humans are interesting” at least once, for lack of a better phrase, but I’ve always found the saying rather odd.

  4. *so happy for a new arc* loooollll this person’s thoughts are interesting XD *hides from person probably about to throw book at me*

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