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Chapter 31: Page 12
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Chapter 31: Page 12

So he is actually called Danial Grey.

For those who thought it’s Inad, and for Talozati who actually found an “inad” in Danial’s name, that was really good and I’m really happy to have readers like you!

10 thoughts on “Chapter 31: Page 12

  1. Re reading it for the 3rd time n forcing my friends to read it too (pray for me to success xD)
    Cant wait for u to complete it (cross finger for happy ending)
    Also i cant help but feel that inad to yaldar is like white to black ..
    Very excited for the next update !

  2. لو اتكلم من اليوم لبكرا عن شغلك المتقن ماوفيكي حقك ما شاء الله
    التفاصيل في القصة ابهرتني كاتبة ورسامة من الدرجة الاولى ماشاء الله
    دقة التفاصيل والعمق يخليني ارجع كم صفحة ورا واحيانا تشابترات ورا بس عشاني افتكرت انك لمحتي لدا الشي من اول
    صرتي قدوتي *^*

  3. Ahh I’m curious to see where this is going @_@

    (But I wanted to let you know, the text bubble on this page seems really pixelated.)

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