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Chapter 32: Page 03
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Chapter 32: Page 03

7 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Page 03

  1. I love your story! I found out about you a year ago and I look forward to every new page you put up. The story is amazing, the characters surprising, really its a beautiful project you have here.

    I want to do something similar but I dont have the ability to make a comic series but I can illustrate little pictures. I notices you use comic press with your wordpress, how does that work? is it easy?

    thanks so much for taking the time to read my email!

    1. Thank you so much Clio, for the lovely comment!
      I had my ups and downs with it but mostly because I didn’t read enough. It’s good to have WordPress with Comic Easel plugin from the same creator as Comicpress. I find it good and simple. Better than the weird file naming system that comicpress has.
      I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials online.
      Frumph.net (creator’s website) has everything you need when starting.

      All the best!

  2. Poor Black (╥_╥)…I can honesty relate to how he feels in the first panel.
    I love your manga and art style, it’s amazing! (●///▽///●)

  3. مالحقت ادخل جو الا واستوعبت انها اخر وحدة لدا الاسبوع xD
    شكرا ديجوسان عالصفحات متحمسة للتكملة =@

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